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singapore flag We provide VPS and server hosting services in Singapore for over 18 years.

**This applies to all VPS and Shared plans


Operating System: USONYX will perform the initial installation of the Windows and Linux operating systems, at no additional cost. Support for installation/setup/configuration of alternative operating system, and/or for those clients choosing not to utilize a USONYX supported control panel (cPanel/WHM/PLESK)–regardless of operating system selected will be charged a flat rate of $150.00/hr.

Control Panel

USONYX will perform the initial installation and test for cPanel/WHM or PLESK control panel for any VPS ordered. If a managed VPS includes cPanel/WHM software or PLESK, USONYX will support, to the best of it’s ability, control panel related problems and issues. This includes, and is limited to, support of basic control panel functions (ie: adding/removing accounts, dns functions, password changes, etc…), control panel installed 3rd party software (ie: proftpd, pureftpd, mailman, agora). USONYX will not provide support of the control panel software, or any of its’ 3rd party software inclusions, regarding issues of software bugs or errors, and such issues should be brought to the attention of the software vendors directly for support. USONYX is not responsible for web development, non-supported 3rd party software and/or scripts (ie: compatibility, installation, maintenance), and/or ongoing daily administration tasks (ie: setting up new users, email accounts, & domains). USONYX, at it’s discretion, may assist with initial custom setup/configuration of the server (ie: setting up new users, email accounts, & domains, and/or software modifications). USONYX will install cPanel/WHM control panel purchased through us, at no additional charge. Installation of USONYX supported control panel software requires, and will only be performed on, freshly installed operating systems.

Technical Support

Up to 5 support incidents or tickets monthly and it’s provided 24/7/365 support through trouble tickets per subscription basis. Average response time is 12 hours for services under general SLA on unmanaged and basic managed services, these include Shared hosting, email service, VPS, trVPS, Cloud, semi dedicated server and dedicated server.

Technical Support is limited to Operating system and web control panel only. Basic managed service does not provide support to any application installed for local or web purposes, example Microsoft SQL(any edition), Sharepoint, Active Directory, Exchange and etc.


If any hardware component on a USONYX supplied system fails, USONYX will replace all faulty hardware affecting performance levels of equipment within 24 hours, which includes hardware issues that cause server crashes or speed issues.


USONYX always recommends purchasing backup storage/service with any and all systems/services. Clients may purchase backup drives and/or backup storage and perform their own backups–with or without USONYX or control panel supplied backup software enabled, or may purchase a managed backup solution from USONYX.

As per our TOS, BACKUP and SERVER RELIABILITY section, your use of this service is at your sole risk. USONYX is not responsible for files and/or data residing on your account. You agree to take full responsibility for files and data transferred and to maintain all appropriate backup of files and data stored on USONYX nodes and servers. Backup on all ervices is purely for disaster recovery purpose only. Retrieval and restoreation of files will be charged at SGD $80 per incident/ requeust for total size not more than 5Gb, and $50 per 5GB thereafter.


USONYX may charge for dealing with AUP/TOS issues, and/or administration work required to prevent such from occuring again in the future. For details on such charges, please contact Billing Department.


USONYX charges a rate of $150/hour for support and/or administration work not included  for example website and service monitoring, recompilation of OS and its related components, system hardening, firewall and iptables setting, control panel administration, email administration, website administration, files transfers upload and download,  DNS administration, DNSBL/RBL mitigation or specified by the terms of this basic management policy. Support and/or administration work not included or specified by the terms of this management policy, will be performed by USONYX at it’s discretion, and dealt with on a case by case basis. Clientele will be informed of such charges in advance, and be required to give authorization to USONYX to proceed with such work.

*Contact USONYX for any item/service not explicitly detailed.