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How to Park Domain in cPanel

How to Park Domain in cPanel

So what is a parked domain?

Domain owners use a parked domain to point to their main website. For example, if www.domain1.com is your main site, you can register another domain www.domain2.com and assign it as a parked domain. When a website visitor visits www.domain2.com , he or she will see the exactly same content as on www.domain1.com.

In this case, www.domain2.com is the parked domain.

Parked domains are very important for businesses that need more than one URL/web address for branding/advertising purposes.

Please take note that domains must be registered with a proper registrar before they can be parked. Also, a domain will not be functional unless it is configured to point to the same name servers as your primary domain.

Adding a Parked Domain in cPanel:

Step 1: Login to cPanel.

Step 2: Click on the Parked Domain at the Domain tab.
Step 3: Enter a domain name that you would like to park.


Step 4: Click ‘Add Domain’.

You will then see a message stating: “The parked domain example.net has been successfully created for you”.

Yes, you’ve successfully parked your domain!

Please also check out our video tutorial on how to setup a Parked Domain HERE.

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