How to Park Domain in cPanel

How to Park Domain in cPanel

So what is a parked domain?

Domain owners use a parked domain to point to their main website. For example, if is your main site, you can register another domain and assign it as a parked domain. When a website visitor visits , he or she will see the exactly same content as on

In this case, is the parked domain.

Parked domains are very important for businesses that need more than one URL/web address for branding/advertising purposes.

Please take note that domains must be registered with a proper registrar before they can be parked. Also, a domain will not be functional unless it is configured to point to the same name servers as your primary domain.

Adding a Parked Domain in cPanel:

Step 1: Login to cPanel.

Step 2: Click on the Parked Domain at the Domain tab.
Step 3: Enter a domain name that you would like to park.


Step 4: Click ‘Add Domain’.

You will then see a message stating: “The parked domain has been successfully created for you”.

Yes, you’ve successfully parked your domain!

Please also check out our video tutorial on how to setup a Parked Domain HERE.