Reasons Why Website Loading Speed Matter

Reducing the loading time of a website may be a tough job. Working on a better speed could also save a business or help to increase its success. It all depends on how important the loading speed is considered in one’s business plan. Take a look at the main reasons why a website loading speed should be of concern, and decide by yourself.

1.Client May Bounce

The first aspect that someone notices when visiting a website is the speed. Everything else is secondary, as they should first be loaded to be taken into consideration. Therefore, every single person visiting a website will pay attention to how fast it loads. When it loads quicker than other similar websites, it’s probably going to attract a few recurrent clients that give importance to the seconds lost trying to load a page.
As it comes first, it also may be a way of losing many possible clients, who had never been in touch with the service or content before, but that won’t ever have the chance to try, because the slow page was enough reason to bounce away.
In fact, taking too long to load makes a slow page look not worthy of trust. It doesn’t give the impression of a reliable company, as its own structure is not well-prepared to receive the visitors.
Real statistic numbers show that up to 80% of people shopping online won’t come back to a page, if it takes too long to load. Imagine paying with your money at a website that almost doesn’t load. It simply looks too dangerous.

2. It’s the Internet

Internet evolves so quickly that everything is obsolete within a few years. With more technology and hardware power, now the connections are incredibly fast, and people got used to it. It’s now a synonym to high speed. Anything that doesn’t match the expectations of the visitors will be considered as not worthy of being part of the network.
Mobile devices are already used to everything, in the most different moments. Sometimes people just have a few seconds to conclude a task, and they expect that the page they are loading goes as fast as possible. Fail in offering speed to these people and you may lose a lot of prospective clients.

3. It Ranks You Up or Down

Fast websites give a better experience to clients, that is now clear. However, the search engines are worried on providing them the best options, so their algorithm will certainly choose fast websites over the slow ones. Those will make people satisfied, and they shall continue to use the search engine for their researches.
That said, the faster your website loads, the better your chances of ranking up against competition in the extensive world of Internet. Create a slow page, and it may be left in the last pages, forgotten by everyone.

4. Your Competition Knows It

If the websites who provide the same services or products are faster, chances are people will prefer to take a look at them first. Everyone wants to save time, most of them forgot how to simply wait for something, due to being used to the high speed of internet. Don’t let the competitors feel safe and comfortable with their performance, by ignoring your website’s. Make your business count and be feared, by also investing time and money into this urgent aspect.

5. Impulsivity Equals Profit

Even if you are lucky to keep your customers in a slow website, either because they are desperate or for lack of competition, it’s not wise to give them too much time to think.
That’s right, the impulsiveness that makes people buy goods or purchase services online is an urgency. Most of the time, they could think it twice and decide that it’s not necessary, or that it should be thought thoroughly first. This could result in selling less or nothing at all, simply because the page gave the client enough time to reconsider.
Seize the advantage of the impulsivity in people today and improve speed so that it may accompany their desire.

6. It Demands Efficiency

In order to keep a website loading between 1 to 3 seconds all its content, it’s necessary to take a deep look over the whole template. Scripts, processes and applications must be optimized. A complete revision and adaption of the entire system will not only speed up the website. By accepting that loading speed matters, one should change and optimize so much that the entire structure becomes more efficient.
It’s therefore not only the speed, but also the safety and reliability of the website that increase. Breaches and failures will be reviewed, scripts will run better and avoid crashes and most errors will be removed, as they could be making the page load slower.

7. Saves Money

Apart from increasing how much money is left by satisfied customers, having a fast loading time also save money. Everything that has been done to a page was an investment, from the host to the services like management that were applied. If the website has a great speed and is capable of impact the sales, therefore the return on the investment is bigger.

With enough profit from these customers, a company needs to spend less money on advertising and marketing, to acquire new clients. They are coming through search engines or indications and staying because they’ve had a nice user experience. Money is saved due to less investment in advertising.

There should be no doubt left that every time and penny invested in this is worthy of it. A simple second may be enough to make a client give up on a purchase, or to impress someone enough to make it come back, and not bounce, to the page. It’s just one of the many aspects important to managing a great website.

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