4 SUREFIRE Signs Your Business Will IMPROVE with VPS

4 SUREFIRE Signs Your Business Will IMPROVE with VPS

Why you should move from your current shared hosting to VPS (Virtual Private Server)? Well there are times when your system needs something more than what shared hosting can provide. As we know, times have changed, and with the great potential available in the Internet world, it is always sensible to start thinking what is best for your website.

Below are a few sure signs that you should go for VPS so that your business can exert its full potential and tap into the vast opportunities presented in the online world.

#1 You Receive More Than Hundreds Visits Per Day

Your site will gradually become popular as time passes, probably due to your good SEO strategy, or the business reputation you have over the years. Some online marketing efforts, such as Google SEM (Search Engine Marketing) can ensure your site appear on the first page of Google search results. As time goes by, more and more visitors start to flood in and eat up your bandwidth. In this case, a shared server can hardly meet your website demand, but with VPS, your site and business can exert their full potential.

#2 You have an E-Commerce Website

Most E-Commerce websites allow transactions. If you want a secure layer for the transactions, going for VPS would be the right choice. This is because you have two things to consider when running a good quality E-Commerce site, namely the speed of your site and the security, and that is what shared hosting can’t guarantee.

#3 When You Need 99.99% Uptime

You are running an online business, and having a 99.99% uptime guarantee is something you want to prioritize. With shared hosting, your uptime does still depend on your other ‘neighbors’ residing on the same server. We know that a website that is down often gives bad impression to the visitors. It will even drive your potential customers away.
Going for VPS ensures your online business website loads faster, and most importantly, enjoy a 99.99% uptime guarantee.

#4 You Run On WordPress Platform

Running on WordPress sometimes has its own glitches, yet it’s everyone’s best option to start a website using WordPress due to its extremely user-friendly features. However, due to WordPress’ popularity, hacking can happen, and some of its plugins are rather bothersome when used on shared servers. In this case, going for VPS can help you to double the protection.

In a Nutshell
VPS ensures your site a better performance because of the technology implemented in the disk drive. With VPS you can scale your business easily without any hassle while receiving quick response for any requests. Besides, you enjoy improved security through VPS server – no more worries about hacking as everything will be well taken care of. Please visit our high performance SSD VPS or contact our sales team at sales@exabytes.sg for more information.