VPS vs. Dedicated Hosting – Everything You Need to Know

If you own a website or a blog for a while, you must know that it takes a huge time in creating traffic and a good reputation for your website. But it is seen that the number of visitors you expected is not up to the mark at times. This degrades the performance of your website.
Now, this is the time when you need an upgrade for your website or blog if you are still working with the shared hosting plan. It is now time to start something new. Shifting to VPS or Dedicated hosting plans will surely create a difference for your website.

What is VPS Hosting?

Virtual Private Server hosting will give you a feel of an own little world. VPS is quite similar to shared hosting where the resources present on a single physical server are shared by multiple websites. The individual virtual machines are created on the server through hypervisor by the web host. This serves as strict protection which keeps you secured from the other parties. This type of hosting is more powerful and less populated. There is a uniform division of resource allocation here, thus the websites cannot take any advantage from each other.

What is a Dedicated Server Hosting?

Just like its name, a dedicated server is completely dedicated to serving your blog. In this type of hosting, you are given an empty server and you can create anything in it. In a dedicated server, the user has no or low control over the server environment. This type of web host will offer you with various types of physical server configurations and you can choose one among them.


Virtual Private Server Hosting

1. A VPS hosting is less expensive than the dedicated server hosting plan.
2. It will provide you with the services of customization as per your need.
3. In VPS hosting, you can start your virtual environment with minimum resources as per your need and after a while, you can gradually grow according to your own plan.
4. VPS hosting will provide you with more control in VPN than shared hosting. Here, you will be able to use scripts according to your needs.
5. VPS hosting will provide with same technical support like shared hosting though the quality may vary. It will also help you with maintenance services.

Dedicated Server Hosting

1. Unshared server resources: with dedicated server hosting, you can get the complete resource of single server and another website cannot interfere with the CPU or RAM of the server. It will prevent the bad scripts of other websites from slowing down your server.
2. More performance and security: dedicated server hosting is best suited for low and medium traffic websites. However, if your website receives huge traffic it ensures more reliability and stability. A dedicated server will keep you far away from spammers and fraud websites.
3. Flexibility: it provides flexibility to the user for the customization of the server to fulfill their needs of CPU, RAM, disk space and software as per their desire.
4. Unique IP address: dedicated server hosting will provide you with your own unique IP address. Having a unique IP address is important for running a large e-business which requires SSL for the processing of credit card.
5. Maintenance of equipment: the dedicated server will also serve as manager which will monitor the server itself. It handles the maintenance of server equipment and the cost of building which reduces the headache of the business owner.


Virtual Private Server Hosting:

1. It is more expensive than shared hosting.
2. At times, VPS hosting fails to allocate the resources appropriately.


Dedicated Server Hosting:

1. It is even more expensive than VPS hosting.
2. It is the property of the service provider.
3. It does not allow any adult content.

VPS vs. Dedicated server hosting

Cost: VPS plans are cheaper than dedicated server plans.
Server Resources: in the VPS plan, it keeps you separate from another customer whereas, in dedicated hosting, it provides separate machines for each customer.
Security: Dedicated server gives more security than VPS hosting.

When to prefer VPS Hosting?

1. When you are facing a degrading blog or website and want a cheaper solution, go for VPS hosting.
2. When you need some additional resources but cannot purchase them, choose VPS hosting.
3. When you want managed services but do not have much budget, it’s VPS hosting which will help you relax.

When to prefer Dedicated Server hosting?

1. When you are looking for the best, want a maximum RAM, expect a huge count of website visitors blindly go for a dedicated server.
2. When you need the ultimate security, a dedicated server is going to provide you with the best security services.
3. When you want to develop an app with the best hosting environment, it is the dedicated server which is going to fulfil all your needs.

Economically speaking, both the hosting options are much expensive. But for the bloggers and the website holders, VPS hosting is more preferred though nothing can beat dedicated server hosting plans for an unparalleled and secured experience.