Advantages of VPS

VPS is a type of hosting is a kind of middle ground between the traditional shared type of hosting and dedicated type of hosting. Majority of the people are confused between shared type of posting and VPS hosting. Due to this confusion, people are not sure if VPS Is better than shared type of web hosting. The only similarity between shared type of hosting and VPS type of hosting is that there are many users on a single server and the resources of the server are shared between those users. For example, if shared type of hosting is like living in an apartment in a single building, VPS hosting will be like living in a townhouse. Read below to learn more about advantages of vps.


What exactly is VPS?

The long-form of VPS is virtual private server. The difference between shared type of hosting and VPS hosting is that VPS only has 10 to 20 users per server. In  shared type of hosting, the resources are shared between users in a way that if your website needs more resources, then the owner of the server can temporarily allocate the resources of another website to you while making sure that the other website doesn’t collapse. In shared type of hosting, if another website starts getting more visitors than it can handle, then it may disrupt other websites on that server too.

This type of disruption doesn’t happen in a VPS type of hosting. In the VPS hosting, although users share one physical server, the resources are partitioned by allocating each user with a virtual machine. The User of the server can only see the virtual environment of their virtual server. So in this case, if you want to reboot your virtual server you can do it without the others getting affected. In VPS, the space you get acts like a dedicated server but in reality, it is a part of a bigger server with shared users. The VPS hosting  acts like a bridge between shared hosting and dedicated hosting.



  • For more knowledge people

VPS hosting is ideal for people who desire to have a dedicated hosting but are not aware of the technical knowledge needed to do so. This can be useful for those people to learn and acquire more knowledge about dedicated type of hosting. They can try out various customisation options in the VPS before actually getting a dedicated server.


  • Affordable

A VPS hosting is also cheaper than a dedicated server because the cost of maintaining the server is divided between the users on that single server. VPS hosting plans are also customisable so that they meet your requirements and you don’t have to pay for any other additional features which will be useless for you.


  • Adjustable and flexible plans

Most of the VPS hosting plans can be adjustable in terms of resources. If your website is new then you can start with less amount of resources and pay less. Then as your website gradually increases and more number of visitors approach, you can increase the resources in your virtual environment. This way, you don’t have to pay for the resources which you are not using or are not necessary.


  • Accessibility

You have more accessibility to your account in VPS like using scripts and root access which is not allowed in most shared type of hosting. Root access can allow for more customisations like graphics to your virtual machine in a way that you can optimise the performance for your website.


  • No disturbance

In the shared type of hosting if a website of other user is consuming more resources than it should, then your website may also be in trouble and may  shut down. This is called “the bad neighbour” effect. This doesn’t happen on the VPS hosting as each user has a separate virtual machine. Each  virtual machine has an allocated memory size and it cannot go further than that. Due to separate virtual machines being allocated to the users there is no relation between your website and the others. If a website on another person’s virtual machine starts getting more visitors and it starts occupying more memory and resources, only the website of that particular user will be affected and not others.


  • Customisations

There are more customisation options available in the VPS than in a shared type as websites not being interrelated to each other. You can customise the RAM size of your virtual machine, and other website customisations which are not allowed on a shared type of hosting.


VPS hosting is a great middle-ground between shared type of hosting and dedicated type of hosting. One of the main advantages that VPS has over shared is that you can have total control of the hosting environment, similar to a dedicated environment but excluding the increased cost of a dedicated server. It can give you a dedicated server-like experience in an inexpensive way. If your website tends to see an increase in the rate of monthly online visitors you can shift it from shared type to VPS, but don’t make this move unnecessarily as it will only cost you more. If you are running an e-commerce website that has products listed online, then you can have a VPS from the beginning, and as the monthly visitors increase you will start generating enough revenue for a dedicated server too. The dedicated server prices start from $100.