5 Surprising Benefits of Using SSL (include BOOSTING Sales)!

SSL is the backbone of secure internet and it protects sensitive data and information as it travels. It provides numerous benefits to your business or website, especially to your customers.

What is SSL?

SSL (Secret Sockets Layer) is a mechanism that works between a user’s browser and the website that user is connecting to. It helps to secure and handle the sensitive information such as customer names, contact number, addresses and credit card number. SSL is important for any website as it ensures all the information handled to be highly secure and private especially when confidential info needs to be transmitted safely. Information can be encrypted by SSL before it is sent, and will be decrypted when it reaches the other end.


  • Decrease in Phishing scams

These days, phishing has become the biggest threat to online customers. For example, phishing emails often contain links that will mislead unsuspecting customer to a replica of a supposed reputable site. These emails attempt to gather credit card information or other sensitive information that will be used for malicious agenda. When customers don’t see the signs of security on a site, they’re more likely to bounce away without even entering any information so that is why these fake websites are having a hard time on obtaining an authentic SSL certificate.

  • Authentication

An SSL certificate provides authentication capability. This means you can ensure that the data and information on your website and your customer information goes to the right server and not to the wrong server.

  • Increasing loyal visitors

You should consider having an SSL certificate especially if your site deals with account logins with personal data. Visitors who know their information is protected will have higher possibility to keep coming back for more.

  • Empowering Your Brand Reputation

Displaying the SSL logo and other images enhances the level of confidence of your customers and it will add another level of assurance that their information is safe when they do any transaction with your site.  Providers of SSL certificates often offer their branded icons to indicate that a well-trusted encryption is currently in use.

  • Boost in customer confidence & sales

From customer perspective, SSL is a trust indicator and it is something that they will look for especially when they shop online. Noticing the logo will help to increase their confidence in the store’s reputation. Without it, they might not even stay long enough to see what you got to offer. Businesses that are investing in SSL security will be able to do business with peace of mind and generate more sales and revenue!

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