4 TIME-TESTED Ways to Build a Brand for Your Business!

Branding is critical for every business and you should always develop a UNIQUE brand of your own. But the QUESTION is, how to define your brand? Branding is more than just your business name or logo. It’s your specialty, uniqueness, the value and benefits you provide, products and services, and more.

CHECK OUT the 4 time-tested ways to build a brand for your small and medium businesses.

#1 Define USP

What is a Unique Selling Propositon (USP)? It is basically a strong identity and recognition that make you different from your competitors or other market players. A good USP has great influence on customer perspective, defining whether your brand/company deserves their time, money and trust. This is why you must make sure that your USP is clear and memorable enough that customers can see clearly what your company has to offer (and what other players are not able to provide).

#2 Product and Services

Having great products and services is important for branding as word of mouth is often one of the best lead and brand generators for small businesses. Products and services that you provide should always focus on quality and value creation. If your products or services can exceed your customers’ expectations, people will buy, and buy again (repeat purchases). In other words, you will have lots of repeat customers. Always try to improve, fine-tune, and keep your products updated based on the latest trends and technology.

#3 Advertising

Numerous major brands like Coca-cola, McDonald’s & Samsung spend a huge amount of budget on advertising to build up their brands. These companies understand that advertising is CRUCIAL in assisting them to build up their brands, communicate newly launched products to their existing customers, and acquire new customers.

In today’s digital world, small businesses can greatly benefit from inexpensive and cost effective online advertising, and fully tap into the powerful social media advertising channels such as Twitter, Facebook, Google AdWords and Linkedin. Nowadays, Online Advertsing is one of the most effective methods for branding, besides ensuring your products and services can be reached by your target audience as simple as a click.

#4 Be Consistent

Consistency is the key to build your business brand and reputation. Develop a standard for your products and services, which will help greatly in providing your customers with a consistent experience. Moreover, the foundation of brand loyalty lies in great services, delivery and the commitment to always stand by your promises. This can help you to build a long term relationship with your customers and create an awesome experience for them which will in turn create happy customers and repeat business.

Many are asking, is branding expensive? The answer is no, and think about it, its effects are far reaching and highly influential!