HOW Business Competitiveness Can be Boosted with a Dedicated Email Server

“Really, who needs a dedicated server to send emails?” If one needs to send an email or keep in touch with the customer, a personalized email account attached to a business domain would do it, right?

While most of us need only free email hosting/shared email hosting, companies that send thousands of emails at one shot to their customers to keep in touch, establish customer relationship, keep them updated of company recent developments, new product launches, promos, sales etc. can benefit greatly from what a dedicated email server can offer.

So what are the advantages of hosting your company email accounts on a dedicated email server compared to shared email hosting?

Check them out!

#1 The speed of delivery

In business, speed is everything. In fact, to all businesses, time means money. The majority of businesses can’t afford to send the email now, and only have their customers received them a few hours later. What if it’s an urgent announcement? What if it’s a last minute reminder of a closing promo?

With dedicated email server hosting, your mass emails reach your customers’ inboxes almost instantly.

#2 The number of emails you can send per day

If you’re using a shared email hosting, chances are the number of emails you can send per day is limited by your shared hosting package. In other words, if you need to send bulk emails to 100,000 customers, you must send them in different batch, on different days.

With dedicated email server hosting, you can send a whopping 500,000 emails per day.

#3 Fully Managed

Yes, your email server will be in good hands of a dedicated technical team. As a result, your business no longer needs to maintain a special technical team, or a few staff to take care of the technical side.

Whenever you require assistance, all you need to do is send in an email, or call up your web host instantly

#4 24/7/365 Reliable Technical Support

With dedicated email server hosting, your server is closely monitored by a well trained and highly qualified technical support team that is available 24/7, including public holidays.

Enjoy peace of mind so that you can fully focus on running your core business.

So here you go, the reasons why more and more businesses are going for dedicated email server hosting. In today’s business world, speed, accuracy and reliability can save a business much hassles, and most importantly, improve business competitiveness.