How to protect your vps

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The moment you deploy your VPS into the internet world, you are exposing your VPS to multiple cyber threats, including hackers, malwares and viruses. So how can you protect your VPS from these attacks? We have some quick solutions for you here: 

SSL Certificate

1. Install an SSL Certificate

An SSL certificate helps you to encrypt the connection between your web server and your visitors’ web browser allowing private information (example: credit card details) to be transmitted without the problems of eavesdropping, data tampering, or message forgery. Through the utilization of a cryptographic protocol, only the intended recipient is able to decode and read the information and intermediaries are prevented from decoding the contents of the transferred data.

You can get a Free SSL from our Plesk Control Panel (if you have one). If you want better protection, you can always check out our Premium SSL Certificate here. 


Imunify 360

2. Install Firewall 

Firewall helps you protect your VPS from potential cyber threats and from the huge internet world. There are many types of cyber threats out there, with the most common ones being Malwares, DDoS Attacks and Ransomware. Monitoring and reporting are one of the two important elements to ensure your website is safe.

Fortunately, installing Firewall isn’t a complicated process with Usonyx. You just need to enable this special software here and start to get full protection. 


Cloudflare CDN

3. Install CDN

CDN (Content Delivery Network) as you understand is one way to optimize your content delivery by placing cache on your browser. Moreover, CDN also provides some protection to your website. CDN can help to protect your website through its DDoS protection functions. By having enough data centre locations and sizable bandwidth capabilities, a CDN is able to withstand and mitigate an amount of incoming attack traffic that would easily overwhelm the targeted origin server.

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More solutions to strengthen your VPS:

Imunify AV

If your VPS comes with Plesk control panel, then you are able to take Imunify AV. It is an intelligent antivirus and security monitoring tool for websites with one-click automatic malware cleanup, domains reputation monitoring and blacklist status check. 


This extension protects Linux servers against critical security flaws and vulnerabilities. It installs kernel updates on the fly without rebooting the server. KernelCare offers the following benefits:

  • Checks for updates every four hours
  • Supports manual or automatic updates
  • Allows roll back changes
  • Displays server uptime

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