Introducing the Amazing Features of Plesk Onyx

Introducing the Amazing Features of Plesk Onyx

Plesk has introduced Plesk Onyx, the latest version of Plesk. It is a leading WebOps platform you need to automate, run and grow applications or websites easily and efficiently. It’s worth mentioning that this version focuses on the needs of web professionals and developers; added features such as Docket support, Git Deploy, System Update tools, Linux Cgroup limits, SSL Improvements, DNSSec Support, Plesk Extension SDK, Ruby Support, Phyton Support and many more have been included.

Let’s check out the exciting features of Plesk Onyx in detail:

#Docker Support

Docker – Docker is a tool designed to make it easier to create, deploy, and run applications by using containers. You can deploy and manage those containers straight from the Plesk interface. You can build or upload your own image and install the containers locally or to a remote node registered in Plesk.

#Integrated WordPress Toolkit

Managing multiple WordPress sites is easier with integrated WordPress Toolkit.

  • WordPress Management
    Developers can utilize Plugin and Theme Mass Management to keep their all their installation up to date with automated update to effectively lower the chances of getting hacked.
  • WordPress One Click Hardening
    Harden all your WordPress Installations using the security scanner. Simply check the items you wish to harden and click secure. It’s all automated and no individual account login is required.
  • WordPress Security Scanning
    Plesk makes sure every WordPress site on your server is secure by identifying any risk occurred during the installation process and secure them automatically.
  • Plugin and Theme Mass Management
    Plesk’s WordPress Toolkit allows you to apply any changes to all installations with just one click. Now users no longer have to log into each individual WordPress installation to update, add, remove themes and plug-in.

#Docker Support

All updates settings can be done at a single place with Plesk. System packages and Panel can be set to automatic update. You can disable or block a particular service package in the panel. You can even set predictable updates or upgrades for packages (packages update as it is from the repos, where its were installed from)

#System Update Tools

Plesk Onyx now supports DNSSEC to enable users to protect the DNS data of hosted domains. The purpose of DNSSEC is to help secure the domain name resolving process and to reduce the possibility of DNS spoofing. With Plesk, auto renewing expired keys for a domain, re-signing DNS zone and server-wide management of DNSSec are now possible. You can turn on/off the whole server, have key length management, and get the automatic updates of parent domain zone on the same Plesk interface.

#Ruby Support

Ruby is an interpreted scripting language for quick and easy object-oriented programming. With Plesk, you get the Ruby language support as a Plesk extension. It makes apps management easy because it allows users to scan, detect, deploy and restart the app. Ruby engine is available in different versions and it defines needed environment variables.

#Phyton Support

Python is a programming language that lets you work quickly and integrate systems more effectively. With Python, you get Nginx + passenger support and are able to exchange information and instructions with the computer via CLI/API/UI.vGit. It allows you to control your Python support management (activate/disable). You can also choose favored Phython version, restart application server (Passenger).

#Full Git Integration

Git is a free open source distributed version control system designed to handle everything from small, to very large projects with speed and efficiency. Plesk enables you to manage your Git , making managing and deploying your website code easily.


  • Easily deploy your website content. Push to a local Git repository or pull from a remote one.
  •  Use Git Hub, BitBucket, Travis or any other software engineering service of your choice.
  •  Create multiple branches in a single repository for separating staging from the production code.
  •  Manually deploy for total control or save precious time with automatic deployment.

#SSL Improvements

Plesk Onyx can now provide greater protection of your services and now includes a security advisor to enable all your sites and services to be served from a valid SSL certificate. It does this through the Security Advisor extension, which provides an easy set of wizards to ensure your Plesk login has a valid certificate, help enable all sites to be served via HTTPS and even generate the certificates using Lets Encrypt.

#Multi-server Administration

Multi-server extension is designed to give you and your clients a single entry point to control webspaces and subscriptions on multiple Plesk Onyx servers.

Multi-server support include:

  • Automatically distribute webspaces or subscriptions on connected service nodes
  • Both admin and customers can log into to all your servers from one
  • Centralized account management from across multiple Plesk instances
  • Subscriptions distributed across service nodes.

#Linux Cgroup Limits

This give you the ability add limits and permission to each subscription or service plan to prevent overuse of too many resources of a domain affect other domains. It will calculate the amount of resources used for each user and limit them when the quota is meet.

In short
Plesk Onyx focuses on the requirements of web professionals at its core. It makes the life of developers and designers easier by allowing them to automate their most time consuming tasks; help them to get back more billable time and added security layer; reduce dependency on third parties; increase speed and productivity and more.

Benefits of Using Plesk Onyx
Plesk Onyx increases speed and productivity. It makes your life easier and helps to save time with its auto integration function. It also helps developers and designers to increase their revenue by increasing their workflow, and reducing dependency on third parties. The added security also gives Plesk users an absolute peace of mind with the power of automation.

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