How to set up an autoresponder in cPanel

How to setup an autoresponder in cPanel?

What is an autoresponder?

An autoresponder enables you to send a response automatically to a specific email address that can be set up within your email setting.

When to use autoresponder?

Autoresponder is great to use when notifying clients that you have received their emails. It is also pretty useful when you are on holidays/unavailable, since you can easily inform people who contact you that you are currently away, and will respond to their emails when you return to the office.

How to set up an email autoresponder?

Step 1: Login to cPanel.

Step 2: Click on the ‘Auto Responders’ icon at the Mail tab.


Step3: Click on the “Add Auto Responder”


Step 4: Enter the email address you want to set an Auto Responder for.


Step 5: Type the entry for the ‘From’ and ‘Subject’ fields of your email.




Step 6:  Enter your message in the ‘Body’ field of your email.




Step 7: Click Create/Modify.



That’s it! The Auto Responder has been created.

 Now you know how to set an Auto Responder up! See you in the next entry.

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