Can SSD VPS Improve the Performance of E-Commerce Sites?

Can SSD VPS Improve the Performance of E-Commerce Sites?

These days more organizations are choosing Linux SSD VPS hosting. The fundamental reason for this preference is speedier access to website. Loading and data retrieval speed is found to be crucial for e-commerce businesses in order to compete with their competitors, sustain relationship and build trust with their customers. Here we’re pleased to present to you how Linux SSD VPS can help e-commerce sites to be more productive and successful.

#Durability and Power Efficiency

The extra added advantage of the SSD or better known to all as solid state drive is that it has no moving parts which can decrease the risk of mechanical disappointments. That is why SSD is more dependable than the HDD when it comes to such advantage. Thus it guarantees superior performance while allowing quick access to the sites, including its web applications — a vital factor for productivity.

#High Access Speed

Linux SSD VPS oversees high movement on sites in a consistent way, allowing users to access the web pages faster than before. SSD allows easy page administration and access that enable a business to operate at a much better pace.

#High Speed Data Transfer

With the power of SSD drives, web pages can load 62 times faster than normal in contrast to the normal HDD. Hosting provider understands that to enable a business to take off, online operation must perform at their peak. Thus at the same time, SSD is allowing customers to gain access to their information easily without lagging. In addition to being fast, business owners can also benefits from its fast information retrieval.

#Increase Performance Using SSD

The quick loading of websites will eventually decrease the inquiries of databases and help to improve performance. Since most of the sites now run open source web development languages, any visits to the pages will trigger database queries which sometimes can affect server loading time and the overall website performance. With SSD, the system runs cooler while using less than 80% of power to run the sites.

#Boost User Experience

The most important benefit that the SSD can help to the Linux VPS Server is through giving the best user experience to the customers while browsing the sites. User experience contributes a lot to the performance of your site’s SEO. Increased server performance will contribute to lower bounce rate and at the same time will increase higher conversion. The slower your sites are, there’s a chance that they are ranked lower than your competitors.

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