WHY So Many Companies/Developers No Longer Manage Their Own Server/VPS..

WHY So Many Companies/Developers No Longer Manage Their Own Server/VPS.

Using a fully managed service can get certain burden of technological aspects off your shoulders, and allow you to concentrate more on your core business. In addition, your employees get to focus their effort on their respective tasks more effectively to increase productivity.

After all, time is obviously one of the most important resources for all businesses.

Below are the reasons WHY So Many Companies/Developers Nowadays Choose Not to Manage Their Own Server/VPS Anymore..

#1 Control IT and Labor Costs
By using fully managed services you will be paying only the service that you are using, thus enabling you to cut your IT cost more effectively. We all know that hiring IT staffs to maintain a dedicated server or VPS can be very costly when other additional expenses such as training and other in-house benefits are factored in.

#2 Increase Efficiency and Competitiveness
Maintaining an in-house IT team requires time and resources as the needs for staff training, skill development in order to keep up with the advancement of technologies are a must. The cost will continue to increase and passed down to the customers, which will in turn make your business less competitive.

#3 Instant Deployment
Most providers of fully managed service such as Usonyx has all the resources it needs to start a new project immediately. With years of experience in handling server/VPS, these providers are known for instant deployment

#4 Focus on Core Business
When all of the important technology aspects have been taken care of, now you as a business owner can start to focus on your core business. Using a fully managed service can help your business to continuously stay focused without getting distracted by the complex IT problems.

#5 Compliance and Security
How do you know that your security system is updated, and that you’re using the latest edition that comply with the new version? When using a fully managed service, you can forget all about this as everything will be taken care of. Your managed service provider will help you to identify the compliance and security of your system and give you peace of mind.

We certainly hope that the above will help you to make a better decision when it comes to your server or VPS needs. If you need more information, feel free to reach us at sales@exabytes.sg or hit the livechat button at the bottom right.