Why Customers Switch to Usonyx From Web Host Like Digital Ocean

Why Customers Switch to Usonyx From Web Host Like Digital Ocean

Choosing the right web host is never an easy thing for many, but it is a critical thing to do if you want to grow your business to another level. As a business grows, the needs will change gradually and you will need to have a host that can truly accommodate your growing requirements. Hosting with the right provider will enable you to get the most from the money you invested.

The following are the things that you will enjoy when you switch to Usonyx:

#24/7 Customer Support

With Usonyx, you will benefit from its prompt and highly reliable 24/7 support via phone, and the ticket system. Besides, you can also visit the friendly Usonyx staff at their premises. Moreover, Usonyx customer service handles every single issue well so that customers can just sit back and relax. The highly experienced Usonyx team knows your needs like the back of their hand, and are very well versed in handling any issue you might face.


As you might have noticed, the hosting plans of Usonyx allow you to save a lot of money and reduce your business costs. In its latest marketing ads, Usonyx even encouraged its customers to compare their pricing with other providers.

Moreover, the hosting plans offered by certain web hosts on the market do come with some hidden charges. With Usonyx, services are more affordable and compatible with the market these days that even small business can afford them.

#Fully Managed Services

With Usonyx, customers are guaranteed a managed service so that they can focus all their effort on their core business. The highly reliable web host is capable of taking care of e very aspect of server hosting, giving customers peace of mind. Enjoy More Freedom as all technical concerns have been taken care of by the well trained experts.

#Helpful and Rich Knowledge Base

One of the most important things when choosing the right web host is how helpful is the knowledge base provided. This is because with a powerful KB, one can get an answer/solution to a technical issue within just a few seconds, and move on with their business and work.

At Usonyx, helpful and easy to understand video tutorials are available to help the customers. Moreover, Usonyx blog is filled with the latest updates and some other important technical tips.

Choosing the right web host can have a long lasting effect on your business. When your business starts to grow, does your web host have the expertise to accommodate you growing needs for hosting? Is it reliable enough to support your growth?

Choose the best one so that you don’t have to worry anymore in the future! Please do not hesitate to contact our sales team at sales@exabytes.sg if you have any inquiry.