WHY Your Business Needs a Website, and Not Just a Social Media Account

Starting a website or online business may sound easy to some people yet the process takes a lot of effort, energy, money and dedication. Nevertheless, for those who wish to give their business an online presence might be wondering where to start from. Nowadays, can a business be represented only by an account on social media (for example, a Facebook page)? In fact, a website can do a much greater job! Online presence, online identity, online branding, an important source of information about your company story, products and services – all these can’t be achieved without a good business website!

Now let’s check out the reasons why many experts think that having a hosted website is a fantastic strategy.

#1 Every Business Needs a Website

It is well understood by all business owners that owning a website is a kind of marketing effort to make your products easily available for your potential customers to search. In today’s business world where everything is a competition, you need a web solution for your business. This is also a chance to know your customer needs and learn how to solve their problems before providing them with a product, service or solution.

#2 Domain Name Is Your Temple

Domain name has long become a crucial component that determines successful Google indexing for businesses to get searched by potential customers. Thus it is important for you to choose the right domain name and the web host that can truly support your online requirements and also future website expansion. Choose an easy to remember domain name that represents your business and tells what your website and business are all about.

#3 Website Traffic Means Potential Customers & More Business

In the old days, businesses can only promote themselves using very traditional ways. In today’s digital age, things have become very different. By having a website, countless of potential customers can reach you online. Not only that, as most of the young customers today tend to do comparisons and research before buying, not having a website for your business means losing out to your competitors who already have a website and online presence.