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USONYX, A Quality Service Provider

We take full control of powerful bare-metal servers to run your most demanding applications. All of these servers are powered by Dell PowerEdge series and connected to massive pool of Singapore premium bandwidth that are suitable for maximum responsiveness and reliability to cater heavy visitor traffic demand in Asia.

Lightning-fast Deployment

Time is money, we know it! Your server will be ready after just 4 hours of speedy setup.

100% Single Tenant Dedicated Server

Dedicated Server Hosting gives you the resources of an entire server. You can customize the operating system, and install the applications that you prefer.

Singapore Data Center

Our data center is located in Telstra/RackCentral Singapore, a notable data center equipped with all the security features to protect the equipment and premises.

Powerful Anti DDoS

Anti DDoS can ensure maximum infrastructure security without causing any trouble and affecting your server performance. The best part is attacks will be blocked automatically.

Root / SSH

You have full root-level access and are free to install any application/software you require to power your website. Besides, You can access your servers from any part of the world using SSH protocol.

Easy Billing

All orders have been prepaid for one month. No commitments or additional payments will be charged. We accept all major credits cards, debits cards, Paypals and American Express.

100% Hardware RAID

The hardware RAID, which is ideal for files, web, databases, and email servers are trusted for reliable performance.

Basic Managed Services

All dedicated server plans come with Basic Management Service with optional upgrade to fully managed solution.

100Mbps Full Duplex Bandwidth

With 100Mbps Bandwidth, you’ll have no more worries about heavy traffic overload. You can download and upload at fast speed without any limitation.

Bare Metal Server

Our Server Cater All Industries

Our goals is to help you find the most appropriate solution quickly and easily. Simply tell us what your requirements are and we will send you the best server options and prices.

Server for Online Storage

Store any digital files you like

Server for E-Commerce

Uploads unlimited products you like.

Server for Software Distribution

Build Software for your business

Server for Gaming

Host gaming that support thousands players

Server for SaaS

Build app and get stable user experience

Server for Online Streaming

Upload videos and stream seamlessly


Order with Confidence

Ordering a Dedicated Server from Usonyx has never been easier. You can now place an order in just few simple steps!

Step 01

Choose your server plan

Step 02

Configure your server options

Step 03

Review your order and Checkout

Step 04

Server ready to go!


Fully Managed Dedicated Server Plan

Usonyx Dedicated Server hosting provides full control, powerful performance, higher reliability and higher speed for your website. All of our servers come with Lite Management Plan, 99.9% Network Uptime, and hosted in Singapore.

Usonyx Support Team

Award Winning Support and Services

Our server makes your most processor-intensive workloads fly because all the processing power is yours and yours alone. We only adopts the latest and most reliable hardware because delivering quality product to meet your satisfaction is our top priority!

  • 24×7 Usonyx Support
    Our professional technical team is available via Email, Live Chat, and Remote Access Help. We take care of your server and keep them under monitoring 24/7/356, including public holidays!
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
    Usonyx dedicated server hosting provides you with extremely powerful single-tenants servers to handle your heavy traffic workload. Because of high performance server, we are able to guarantee your server uptime
  • Best Customization Options
    You can customize the configuration of your server to meet your specific needs, including RAM, SSD hard drive, control panel options, etc. Choose what is best for you without any extra payment!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Below we’ve provided a bit of ICO, ICO Token, cryptocurrencies, and few others. If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the contact form below.

What is Dedicated Server Hosting

A dedicated server is a rental service for web servers, perfectly suitable for heavy users who require full resources of an entire server. Users can access all the resources on the server, which in turn give them full control over bandwidth, storage and memory. Dedicated Server Hosting is much more stable than Shared Hosting as it does not share resources with other users/websites.

Do I need Dedicated Server Hosting?

If you need a site which is flexible and secure with full control, dedicated hosting is your great choice! Unlike shared web hosting, you have full control over your own server. You’ll experience enhanced security because you won’t ever need to share the server with anyone else. You can deal with heavy traffic workload, without any worries on bandwidth issues, configuration limits, or shared IP addresses!

Where is my server hosted?

Your server will be hosted in our Singapore Data Centre.

Can I upgrade my VPS to Dedicated Server?

Yes. You can upgrade your VPS to dedicated server hosting anytime. Just send us an email at

Who is responsible in an event of hardware failure?

Usonyx will take full responsibility and replace all failed hardware, and it is free of charge.

Who will maintain my server?

Our professional technical team maintains and monitors your server 24/7/365, without the involvement from any third party. This has enabled us to offer reliable and cheap Dedicated Server Hosting to our valued clients.

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What kind of support you provide?

We provide 24x7 technical support to all of our clients, even during holidays. We support through livechat, email and call support.

What is your Service Level Agreement?

We provide 3 tiers of services, covering from the basic services to Full complete server service. Please refer our Service Level Agreement for more detail.

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Usonyx Valued Customers
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