Top 10 Advantages of Dedicated Server

All big businesses and companies need a strong structure, to make sure everything runs smoothly in the virtual world. Therefore, the servers should be safe, resilient and reliable. Learn the 10 most important advantages dedicated server, what is involved in its resourceful possibilities and if that’s the right choice.

1. It Accepts Whatever You Want

The entire server is dedicated to your business, so there is no reason to be worried about someone else consuming the resources. More important, it will be completely clean and ready to accept whatever is necessary to be set up.
The resources are 100% allocated to your needs, not being shared with anyone else. That means there is plenty of space to allocate applications, software programs, data and anything else up to the limit that is accepted by the server, which is normally quite high for dedicate servers.
Run tests, let it crash and troubleshoot without any pressure to get things back online before really making it work for you, as it will affect nobody.

2. Deserves Your Trust

Dedicated servers are reliable, for all the infrastructure and power are targeted to your needs only. There is no way it could be deviated to another server. Therefore, any downtime due to virtual aspects is completely related to what has been done to the server by yourself. Apart from that, it should run flawlessly and with an optimal uptime.

3. It’s Safe

The host won’t allocate any other clients to the same server, which is the main concern regarding security in terms of web hosting. Installing a good firewall and keeping the applications updated is the best way to ensure safety, as everything that can be done to protect the data and your server are in your hands.
Besides, when it comes to the physical servers, they should be in good safe conditions, which will be offered by quality companies, so there is no reason to worry. They are expensive and any business take good care of its assets.

4. Unique IP Address

The hosting platform will give a dedicated server with a unique IP, which won’t be used by anyone else but you. It allows the root access directly through the IP, using the right terminal software, without even needing to have a DNS record established.

5. Basket of Domains

Add all the domains you wish to a dedicated server, a possibility that is not common to shared servers. This happens because the latter is too weak to handle several users hosting all their money-making domains. As for dedicated servers, they are robust and capable of taking up a lot, so it’s a low-cost strategy to have all domains within a single server. It will continue to be under your command and, therefore, safe.

6. Good for the Business

With an amazing configuration in terms of hardware, safety to grant uptime and security of data and an incredible performance, having a dedicated server to the business is a great way to increase the profit.
Once the website loads faster, users are less likely to get irritated when trying to access some information or download something. If it’s uptime is almost granted, then it also won’t disturb those who would be accessing it. These two features are also taken very seriously by search engines, which could rank you up for the necessary keywords.
Those are traffic and profit boosting features that make dedicated servers perfect.

7. Technical Support

The price of a dedicated server is not only because of its advantages and good hardware configurations. It also counts with an excellent team of specialists, capable of troubleshooting all sort of technical problems. It could be really helpful when struggling to deal with issues yourself.

8. Experience the Unlimited

The fake unlimited capacity for storage and bandwidth, very common to shared hosts and even to the famous VPS, is not real in the dedicated servers. The hosting companies that are serious with their commitment will offer real unlimited possibilities. There is a good reason why dedicated servers cost slightly more than the other options, and that’s because they really invest in resources, allowing a great use of the bandwidth and enough space for terabytes of data.

9. Do Not Disturb

Warning e-mails alerting that too much bandwidth, storage or RAM/CPU capacity is being used are only a reality of the other options. Owning a serious dedicated server, everything that was promised during the purchase is kept. You are free to use as much as you are allowed to, without getting warnings for having a successful website with lots of traffic.
Sudden spikes and changes won’t even be a little bit worrying, as the capacity of a dedicated server is far greater than a VPS’s, surpassing any upgrade need for most of the cases.

10. Full Control

With a free root access, there is not a single byte of data that can’t be accessed and analyzed. That is really important for safety, performance and upgrades. In cases of extreme necessity, such as under heavy attacks, it’s possible to simply shut the whole system down and eliminate the threat, not allowing any further access until everything is solved.

You already understand the advantages of dedicated server. It’s now under your control to make the right decision regarding all these important aspects of a dedicated virtual management, analyze all the 10 advantages of owning a dedicated server and purchase the best option for your business right now.