Why You Should Host Your Server in Asia

For investors and business owners from the West, Asia is always considered both a place of risk and opportunities. There are many doubts regarding lands so far away, with such a different culture. It wouldn’t be different for those looking for host services, but we assure all of them: there are good reasons to host in Asia.

1. Location Matters

The first strategies to set up a website are not only about deciding what the business is about. More than what kind of content is going to be delivered, or which type of service, and matters regarding frequency, there are details regarding the host that should be taken into account.
When starting a website project, it’s important to make sure that data will travel fast. Therefore, the host should be not only efficient and offer a great speed, but also being located next to the main clients. The targeted public should get what they are looking for much quicker if they are next to where everything is stored.
For public in Asia, having the host located in the region, especially for low-budget options such as shared and simple VPS hosts, is an extra to offer a better service.

2. Reasonable Price

While big hosting companies usually offer low prices, it’s usually for plans low in resources, sold in bulk and that sometimes struggle due to overuse. In Asia, it’s common that things simply cost less, out of efficiency and real low cost. It’s possible to find a better host option for a lower price or for the same cost, of an option in U.S. or located in a European country, but with better features.
There is no business that ignore that saving money is important. Therefore, that’s a very good reason to consider paying for a host in Asia, rather than on another continent.

3. Search Engines

Once more taking into account where the public is located, it seems that some search engines give credit to websites located nearby. That happened, for example, with Baidu in China and Yahoo! from Japan, which were showing local hosted sites more frequently, than others. Of course that content continues to be the king, but for people who want to live out of their websites, that’s always important.

4. Fast and Efficient

How long a website takes to load is one of the most important aspects in the business. Even users who are used to a certain website, simply give up on their favorite web pages, if they decide it’s taking too long to load too often. If the host offers a great deal for good hosting resources, like a powerful CPU and a nice range of memory, then it’s an extra. Join the better prices and the location near important markets – Australia, Japan, South Korea – and hosting in Asia looks now even more appealing.

5. Everybody is Migrating

Not only big companies are choosing to host their data in Asia, most of them which can afford are actually building their own facilities there. Singapore is one of the best places in the world for that, with companies such as Facebook and Google installing their data centers there.
The land offers governmental concessions that lower price and issues, the servers are built economically and in a sustainable way and are among the most efficient, in terms of uptime and resource saving, in the world. Those are the reasons why multinationals are choosing to host their websites and important data in Singapore and lands nearby. Their cost and necessities are different, but there are options for all sort of needs and budgets.

6. Not Limited

If the main audience of your business is not located in Asia, that’s no reason to eliminate the option of buying a host there. Purchasing the service is also possible, when considering a CDN. If the hosts not only keep your server running, but also allow its files and data to travel all across the world to reach your public, it should be loading fast and properly everywhere.
That’s possible for every CDN server, but when you pick a fast, efficient and economic Asia host and add this possibility, then it’s the best possible option.

7. Variety and Applicability

The technological industry in Asia is one of the fastest in terms of development nowadays. It’s so capable of developing new technologies and so interested in getting investors, that it would be impossible to find them not working for it. That’s why the companies offering hosting services in Asia are always ready to take any kind of client.
Shared hosting options for little businesses, for a very cheap price and functional, are the most basic and also how many companies start. Migrating to VPS is usually really easy and the biggest kinds of business, in need of a dedicated server capable of dealing with lots of data and traffic, will also find it among the variety of possibilities.

8. Asia is The New World

Powerful countries are facing problems too often, the markets are changing, and the investments are going elsewhere. China has already proven its value, with huge growing margins and a great power of will. India is becoming a technological center, Singapore is already one of the greatest places to have data servers and Japan is specialized in developing new technologies. Everything is facing towards the East, and it’s wise to follow their lead, taking the decision of hosting in Asia.

With 8 great well-explained reasons to host in Asia, a serious business owner must be already looking for good hosts providers within the continent. Analyze the hundreds of possibilities, companies and locations, and pick what is more suitable to your needs.

Host your website and server in Singapore today!